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DTS Trading Inc Ltd focuses on a number of different areas within the textile trade. We can offer new clothing stocklots, UK Cash4Clothes from our own collections sites, Original Clothes from bank collections, and sorted clothes from some of our partners.

Our second hand clothes are exported to three main destinations: Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Our Cash4Clothes and stocklots tend to be supplied into the Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern Markets, with the African markets taking our original clothes from the bank collections, and any sorted clothes that we can supply.




(Cash 4 clothes & Bank collection)


(Summer & Winter)

NEW CLOTHES (Stocklot)

Stocklot - These are new clothes from stores where they are changing their season/brand, and so they have excess clothes that they sell into the wholesale market. We have a strong supply of these products from a number of leading UK brands.



Cash4Clothes - Clothes that are collected and checked by our workers in cabins across a number of sites in the South East of England. Our Cash4Clothes currently service the Hungarian, Romanian, Greek and Georgian markets.

Bank Collections - Clothes collected from textile banks and that are donated by members of the public. They are completely untouched, and thus include a mixture of the highest quality clothes, and the lowest quality. Our originals are unsorted, a mix of different styles and grades. We have collection banks in London, Buckinghamshire and the West Midlands. 


Cash 4 shoes

Bank collection

SORTED CLOTHES (Summer & Winter)

Clothes sorted from our original collections, into categories as per the customer's requirements. DTS works with our partners to supply sorted clothes as per the needs of the clients we supply them to.

Grade A Summer or Winter Sorted - There will be minor signs of wear on some items. There are no holes, tears or excessive signs of wear. In the summer sorting, all heavy and winter items removed. 

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