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DTS Trading can supply a wide range of packed adult diapers and pull-ups at varying prices, depending on the market that you are looking to sell to.

Thanks to strong relationships, built over many years with a selected group of manufacturers, DTS offers products that can meet the needs of your market, at affordable prices. Please, request your quote now!


(1st choice)


(1st choice)


(2nd choice)


(3rd choice)

BRANDED (1st choice)


We have a number of factories that we work closely with to be able to supply premium brands into our clients' markets.

There are specific brands that we have rights for distribution into certain countries. All diapers and pull ups are made using cutting edge new technology and are prevalent in all markets across Europe.

PRIVATE LABEL (1st choice)

DTS provides a range of of private label products for our full incontinence range, including adult pull ups and diapers. For adult diapers, we are able to supply day or night diapers across the full range of sizes, packed as per the needs of the client, both in branded and unbranded bags. For adult pull ups, we can meet your demands with regards to weight and absorbency.

Our adult diapers and pull ups are suitable for sale in retail shops, hospitals and care homes, to name just a few. All necessary hygiene certificates can be supplied upon request.

UNBRANDED cartoned (2nd choice)

Product Origin:                                   Europe

Description:                                        High quality European cloth-like diaper with wetness indicator, leak guard

                                                             and double side tab

Packaging:                                          Packed tightly in cartons (1 size per carton)

Wastage:                                            Minimal wastage (5-10% repair – tabs need to be replaced etc)

                                                             Time for Loading after Receipt of Payment: 1 week

Price (EXW):                                         ASK FOR OUR LATEST OFFERS >>

UNBRANDED baled (3rd choice)

Product Origin:                                   U.S.A. or Europe

Description:                                        100% adult pull ups with leak guard, weighing 65-95 grams dependent      

                                                             on size

Packaging:                                          Packed in bales - very lightly compressed, uncut and wrapped in plastic

                                                             strap & plastic sheet; or uncut and wrapped in plastic strap & plastic sheet

                                                             and covered with cardboard box

Waste & Repair:                                  15% (approx.)

Price (EXW):                                         ASK FOR OUR LATEST OFFERS >>


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